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Printed Circuit Board Layout Capabilities

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We offer a full range of PCB layout services. We have established standards for acceptance and delivery which result in a rapid design cycle. We are flexible; and cheerfully work within the customer's parameters and requirements. If you have a PCB design project and you would like a quote please select pcb layout quote form.

For a very interesting article written by Jody Singleton on how to optimize your PCB design process  and lower board reiterations (& cost) read the article "Don't Build a House with a Shoe."

Too much time spent on your PCB layout?

Single Source Circuit Design is one of Colorado’s most experienced PCB layout services. We can use our extensive design capability to be your company's PCB design center or we can integrate to handle your design area’s overflow. We have the know-how to efficiently manage PCB layout, using our qualified designers and the most up-to-date PCB design software. We can thereby save you hundreds or thousands of dollars on your layout.

What does it cost your company to have a project gathering dust, or to get halted by insufficient facility? We allow you to get your product to market as quickly as possible by taking up the slack. Our value to the customer is in saving money—we connect you with the right source to meet your specific needs and get the job done.

Single Source Circuit Design is capable of doing full turnkey on your project—from electrical engineering and PCB layout to board manufacture, assembly and test. Our goal is to custom fit a solution to the needs of your organization by providing the exact level of service you need.

Please send us an e-mail, or visit our pcb layout quotation form  to start now.


We manage our PCB design area with the goal of meeting or beating deadlines. We can coordinate your board's manufacture with board houses so that the design and manufacture of your board is seamless. We have been in the business for over a decade. We work with board manufacturing and assembly houses that know their business. Moreover we can oversee the fabrication process so that you can attend other aspects of your product's development.

We provide the following services and formats:

Standard Board Technology

Advanced Design Methods

PCB Software Packages

Routing at Single Source Circuit Design

Much of our routing at SSCD is done by hand; indeed areas such as RF and power supplies do not permit the use of auto routers.  Despite great leaps in the capabilities of routing tools, we frequently find that there is no substitute for the application of an experienced layout engineer's "hands on" approach to routing in critical circumstances.

When the need does arise, we have the most top-of-the-line auto-routers in the industry and there is definitely a time and a place for their use.   An auto router is useful where A) time becomes critical and B) the "route-ability" of a board is questionable.  Our routers are impressive tools but it is important to note that they are just that - tools; and it is the judicial and masterful layout engineer that uses an auto-router (or recommends not to use it) that gives you, the customer, the value of the tool.

Quotation Form:

We provide the below form as a time-saving service to our customers. It will allow you to give us the data we need to give you our best price. If you have questions about the form or, if for any reason you would like to speak with a service consultant, please contact PCB Layout Sales at 303-288-8708.

Please type the data in space(s) provided. There is a note box at the end of the questionnaire for additional comments or questions. Thank you.   Fields in blue must be filled in.


Project Information:

Is a net list provided or is schematic capture needed?

Is there a preferred data base format?

Is this work being done to an existing design?

yes no

Is the data base on a particular CAD package and if so what is the CAD package and revision?

If we have the database in our archives, what is the approximate date, job name and /or job number?

Board Specifications:

Approximate size of board (surface area):

What is the shape of the board?If irregular, please describe:

Number of layers:

Is there a strict restriction on layer count?

Is the impedance controlled? yes no - If impedance is controlled -what is it?

What is the number of holes and SMT pads: -

Estimate smallest hole size used on the board:

Are there any blind, buried, laser or photo vias?

Are there any unusual design parameters?

What standards does the layout of the board need to comply to (if any special standards are required e.g. MIL Level I, II or III, IPC SM782 etc.)?

Are fabrication and assembly drawings needed? yes no

Are you providing assembly and/or fabrication notes to us? yes no

Which sides of the board are components mounted on? top only top & bottom bottom only


What is the date you anticipate beginning layout?

When is the bid needed?

When do you need Gerber files in hand by?

If we are working on a series of layouts for you what are the priorities?

Is there anything else we should know in putting a bid together on this project?


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