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Commercial Water Conditioning Instrument Chosen for Launch on Sears Online

Electrical engineering firm, Advantage Electronic Product Development Inc. has developed a progressive water treatment system to improve the quality of water coming from household faucets.

July 20, 2010
Broomfield/Boulder, CO

Electronic product developers Advantage Electronic Product Development today announced completion of a new instrument that is one of a new generation of small inexpensive water treatment devices designed to de-scale water from the tap, as well as improving water quality for consumers. The system utilizes exclusive embedded microprocessor and radio frequency technologies to treat the water using an ion exchange method.

More than 85% of American homes have hard or very hard waters which are found in streams in most of the regions throughout the country. The hardest waters with greater than 1,000 parts per million (ppm) are in streams in Arizona, southern California, Kansas, New Mexico and Texas. Some studies have shown a relationship between hardness of water and cardiovascular disease in men, and a nationwide UK study, is investigating evidence that childhood eczema may be correlated to hard water. An expert in the field, Dr. František Kožíšek, M.D., Ph.D. sets recommendations for the maximum and minimum levels of calcium at 40-80 ppm and magnesium at 20-30 ppm in drinking water.

Advantage has deep experience with water instrumentation, having previously designed a suite of environmental instruments to monitor water health and pollution. These instruments measured chemical contaminants in waters near factories as well as surface and ground water for routine monitoring and environmental investigation.

Water quality is a growing concern within the federal, industrial, commercial, and private sectors. Legislation such as The Clean Water Act drives scientist to gather valuable information and determine environmental activity identifying potential contaminants and gathering water chemistry data. U.S. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson has recently announced the Agency is developing a broad new set of strategies to enhance public health as regards public water.

In alignment with the nations growing demand for less power usage and the reduction of carbon emissions, this instrument is also designed to be a low-power and eco-friendly electronic product. The new electronic device will offer numerous water treatment benefits for the user.

As Advantage begins the process of obtaining agency approvals (FCC, UL & CE mark) for this new electronic product, it has received the news that the water treatment device has been accepted for sale by appliance giant, Sears for their online store. The launch of this device in such a prestigious manner means that it will be made readily available to millions of people.

About Advantage: Advantage is currently under contract with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for development of a new high-voltage safety instrument. The company designs with eco-friendly tools, techniques, and technologies, and has evolved into a front-runner in the design and development of instrumentation for the Utility/Smart Grid, Medical and Aerospace industries.

Our clients hire us for some of the most difficult and exciting challenges in engineering. Our staff takes great pride in their contributions to better understanding and protecting our planet and the nation.” said Advantage CEO Jody Singleton. "There is a great deal of excitement over this product because of its unique capabilities and the fact that it is going to be a healthy improvement to the quality of people’s lives. That is an exciting concept.”

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