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SSCD is an electrical product design and manufacturing firm.  We have complete capability from system level design to detail design to manufacturing, thus providing a one stop shop service for electrical product development.  SSCD's niche exists in the gap between the need filled by large contract manufacturers and that need required when a product is in the beginning phases of it's design development.   Our unique approach is to develop a product fully to prototype or small scale production levels and then, once this is done, one can make a far better evaluation of finding the right contract manufacturer which suits ones needs.  SSCD's service includes transitioning a product from prototype or small scale production levels to large scale manufacturing.  Otherwise, as is too frequently the case. the new product developer is trying to enter into arrangement with a contract manufacturer too early.  This is somewhat like trying to select a general contractor to build a house without a comprehensive set of architectural drawings - costing is impossible and prediction is thrown out the window.  The logical and cost-effective solution is turnkey prototype development by SSCD.  This gradient approach saves time and money on development costs, gives one a breadth of understanding of the manufacturing requirements and provides for smooth transition to large scale production runs, when and if this is necessary.

Company Profile
Single Source Circuit Design is an NPI (New Product Introduction) firm providing our clients with turnkey electrical engineering, design and manufacturing solutions for the prototype and small scale production phase of product development.  We are located in the heart of Colorado's burgeoning high tech industry.  We know that the success of a project is largely dependent on our exact understanding of the customer's requirements for their project, followed up by good engineering practices execution and manufacturing.  Based on this philosophy, Single Source Circuit Design has been in business since 1993 and enjoyed an average growth rate of 60% per year.

Professional Affiliations:

SSCD is a member of the IPC, Denver Designers Council, IMAP (International Microelectronics Packaging Association) and the Surface Mount Technology Association. These associations provide us with a forum for relaying of information related to reliability issues, particularly with regards to solutions for reliability issues as well as giving us a foothold on the forefront of electrical technology.

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